Global Outsourcing. HASF is specialized on international Subcontracting seeking to outsource works to your company. Our subcontractors are leader companies on specialized tasks. HASF permit you keeping costs under control and mitigate overall project risk.

International Commerce. HASF helps companies on the buying and selling of goods. Our agreements with the leader agencies lets you obtain better prices and conditions.

Real estate investment. HASF has focused on Real Estate opportunities in Spain due to the growing interest of foreign investors on our country. HASF selects to investors batch of Real Estate properties from the main commercial banks.

Engineering, Construction & Building, Energy & Environmental Projects. We offers you our team experience and know-how in engineering, construction, building, operation and maintenance of installations, as well as project excution for the energy, environmental, water, waste, chemical, petrochemical and industrial sectors.

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HASF, International Solutions

We provide you the best outsourcing solution. We help you to contact to the best companies in the international market. Trust in HASF.

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